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Surgery Tomorrow – For Palmar fibromatosis

I have been suffering with Palmar fibromatosis for some years.

IMG 0201

The middle fingers of my right hand have been slowly curling inwards for about 20 years. Finally it has reached a point where I need action. I am at the point where I can barely open my hand to a 90 Degree angle.

I am having surgery tomorrow. The first surgery I have had since having my tonsils out 53 years ago. I am, naturally apprehensive, but it is necessary.

Palmar fibromatosis (Dupuytren’s contracture) is a condition in which tissue in the palm of the hand covering the finger tendons thickens and scars. The affected tissue, called the palmar fascia, becomes tight and shortened, contracting the fingers inwards toward the palm.

I am told it is prevalent among people with Viking ancestry. Take from that what you will.

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